Bringing OpenMI to Life Welcome to OpenMI Life Project

The OpenMI-Life project was successfully concluded on January 31st, 2010. The final workshop of the project entitled "Integrating Models and Policy - OpenMI Solutions for a Sustainable Future" took place in Brussels, BE.It showed managers, professionals and modellers how recent technological advances in integrated modelling could help them make better impact assessments. In particular, the workshop explained how the advances were making it possible to gain deeper insights into the wider consequences of proposed environmental policies. Key to this scientific progress is the OpenMI, which allows modellers to link models of individual processes hence predict how those processes will interact.

During the project, demonstrations of integrated modelling using OpenMI in the Scheldt (BE) and Pinios (GR) River basins were undertaken. To build up the integrated modelling skills base training courses were developed and delivered. These were followed up by the provision of technical support. The OpenMI standard is not static. A large part of the project was concerned with its further development and maintenance. The OpenMI will only succeed if it is widely used and therefore a significant part of the project concerned the dissemination of results into various scientific venues (see Downloads and Events menus). The Final Report of the OpenMI-Life project provides a summary of the project`s four years progress and the vision of the project partners for the future development and application of the OpenMI. A not-for-profit, open, international organisation of people and institutions, the OpenMI Association, was established during the first year of the LIFE project to ensure the necessary stability, maintenance and promotion of the standard during but most importantly after the end of the project.

Do visit the OpenMI Association website to get all latest information on OpenMI and help on different integrated model linking issues and do join the Association to support, contribute to and influence the future development of the OpenMI standard.

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Use Cases

OpenMI in Scheldt River Basin (BE)

Scheldt River

OpenMI in Pinios River Basin (GR)

Pinios River

Life ProgrammeThe OpenMI-Life project is supported by the European Commission under the Life Programme and contributing to the implementation of the thematic component LIFE-Environment under the policy area "Sustainable management of ground water and surface water managment" Contract no : LIFE06 ENV/UK/000409